Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Victoria and Vancouver Island


The process of refinishing begins with sanding off the old finish. We provide “dustless sanding,” using tools equipped with HEPA filters. While dust cannot be completely eliminated from the sanding process, our team will take all the necessary steps to minimize it.

After sanding is complete, you can choose whether to stain the wood or not. We will help you make your decision with stain charts and sample stains on the floor.

Refinishing is the final step. We always apply at least three finish coats, so you get maximum protection for your floors.


While some floors require complete sanding and refinishing, many can be refreshed by a process of screening and recoating. This is a process that takes off only the top coats of the old finish but does not remove any wood. A new, fresh coat of finish is then applied, bonding to the lower layers of the old finish.

Recoating is appropriate only if the floor is merely slightly scratched, the finish is not yet worn through, and it does not have a wax build-up that may interfere with the adhesion of the new finish. In cases of serious scratches or worn finish, consider refinishing instead.

If you need help deciding what’s right for your floors, give us a call to get our professional opinion and a free estimate!

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